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My Wedding Jewellery

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

As I'm still on a wedding high, I thought I'd share a glimpse of the jewellery that I wore on my wedding day and also a little insight into the design and ideas behind our wedding bands.

Let's start at the beginning...

This is my engagement ring, handcrafted by my incredibly talented friend Ellie Corp.

Ellie & I met while studying jewellery & silversmithing in London, I knew as soon as I saw Ellie's style of jewellery that if I ever got engaged I wanted her to make my ring. It is composed of five green-colour gemstones; two emeralds, two green diamonds and a green garnet called a tsavorite.

I also wore two more rings, both borrowed family heirlooms.

The first is a beautiful platinum eternity ring that belonged to my Nan, gifted to her by my Grandad on their first wedding anniversary. Eternity bands are traditionally set with a continuous line of gemstones, often diamonds, symbolising never-ending love.

The second is a dainty art-deco style ring, which belonged to my husbands great grandmother and was kindly loaned to me for my wedding day. This delicate ring is made of yellow gold with a platinum top. Platinum was often used for diamond settings during this era as it made the diamonds really sparkle!

These gorgeous pearl earrings were kindly lent to me by my lovely friend, Sarah.

Pearls are the only gem that come from a living creature and unlike most other gemstones which require cutting and polishing to reveal their beauty, pearls are perfectly formed naturally.

My wedding ring.

Making our wedding rings felt like a big milestone in my career as a jeweller, mine is shaped to fit perfectly next to my engagement ring.

My husbands wedding ring.

Charlies' ring is a traditional D-Shape band, this is a very comfortable shape for every day wear. The ring is made from white gold, with a section of contrasting coloured, yellow gold which is ten millimetres long, representing our ten years together before marriage.

And that's it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first blog post, I'm looking forward to sharing many more insights into the jewellery world with you very soon. To finish, this is a lovely poem that we chose for our wedding ceremony.

Wedding Rings

Engagement rings may vary as to price and size and kind-

Diamonds, sapphires, pearls and rubies, many types you find,

But wedding rings look much alike in platinum or gold.

No matter what they cost to buy, or whether new or old,

They all look much the same upon a woman's hand-

Plain and unpretentious, just a simple little band.

Yet every one is different, for every one you see

Has a story of its own, a secret history.

The tiny hoop, although so small, holds all the world for two,

Enclosing them within the circle of a dream come true.


Find all of the wonderful people that made our wedding so special using the links below.




Engagement Ring


Wedding Rings

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